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 Off Road Motorcycle Sports DVD's

Is our event too small for filming?

​We can offer event filming at prices which our bigger competitors cannot match

We are committed to covering events whether by still or video photography.


Our still pictures and articles have been used by publications like Trials and MX News and Trial and Classic Trial magazine .

We have also made our own range of DVD's and the full catalogue is available to view on the 'Products' page      


Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing, loving.       

As you would no doubt guess motorcycle sport is our main passion.

This does not however mean that we are not interested in other events.

In addition to our main products we have covered many other past times such as local theatre, music gigs, operatic societies and weddings.

All require different disciplines but everything must tell the story of the event and that is what we try to do.

We can offer multi camera shoots of events which is ideal for theatre.


​What formats are available to purchase

​At the present time the DVD format supplied is Pal DVD Region 2


We have been freelancing for the Motorcycle press since 1977

DVD Filming

About CJB

Filmed in HD

​All films come fully edited with titles and commentary where appropriate

For the past 40 years we have covered the area of off road motorcycle sport. As a photojournalist our features have been a regular part of the papers and magazines shown above. In addition we supply our work to the ACU website and in house magazines.