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 Off Road Motorcycle Sports DVD's

Jack Price taking the win at the St David's 2017

Well the filming is all done for this 2016 season  congratulations to all of those riders who achieved what they planned to do this year.

Now that our annual revue DVD's are completed ( many thanks to Dan Thorpe, Colin Dommett, Graham and Peter Archer, Jennifer Crabtree and Alan Borton for their invaluable assistance with commentary, filming and support this year) we can revisit a few local events in the Midlands.

John Hulme at Trial Magazine will have our available products on sale at Stoneleigh and we are planning to be at Telford in February.

Our thanks also go to all of the event organisers we have met this year for making us welcome at the events.

​Look forward to seeing everyone again in 2017. Update We are now well into the 2017 Review with Disc 1 already full with 2 hours of top UK events. Recently we have filmed the SSDT and this will be on the review in a short look at the event. Footage has also been  taken at the St David's British Championship Trial but there is still plenty of room to get plenty more on Disc 2!